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A Brief Family History

Pie dan cucu
Tadi ada gigi mana pulak peginya ini tok aku yang ambik ni

How we all got here...

Non of our family exist by chance. God puts it that way i.e our roots and our family. No no I am not complaining. In fact I am proud to be in this family. Further  -   my family has been labelled as ETIN's family.That is our brand. As times goes  people will look at our family differently. Presenly my family have no inferior complex. Though a couple of our family professed low profile, certainly it does'nt hurt anybody.
                                        HAJAR BT ABDUL TALIB (TELAH MENINGGAL)
                                        ZAINAL ABIDIN BIN ABDUL AZIZ
                                       ABDUL KUDDUS BIN ABDUL AZIZ
                                        ABDULLAH BIN ABDUL AZIZ
                                       SALAMIAH BT ABDUL AZIZ
                                       SAODAH BT ABDUL AZIZ
                                       AYUB BIN ABDUL AZIZ
                                       NORASHIKIN BT ABDUL AZIZ
                                       RODZIAH BT ABDUL AZIZ                                     
                                       AZIZAH BT ABDUL AZIZ
                                       BISMILLAH BT ABDUL AZIZ
                                       AZIZAH BT ABDUL AZIZ

Anak Lah
Tadi rasanya sudah makan eh belum ni

Yes Left

You can check my family heirachy at FAMILY HISTORY. Abu Talib's root certainly well versed with these names. Young Abu Talib can asked their elders if any members of their family are not familiar with them. All are wiling to help.
Who is Abu Talib? My grandfather.

I may include photo of other family when available